Impact of lockdown on children

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The Impact

Disruption in the routine

Distractions & learning gaps


Social skills

Unstated aggression

What can we do?

  • Listen and validate: Children may express their feelings in various ways. Speaking, writing, drawing or in their behaviors. Just be available to them and listen and be ready to validate what they are saying.
  • Be patient: It has taken almost 2 years for the children to develop few habits. Give them some time. Let them get accustomed to the new norms of school life.
  • Remain calm: Just like parents, we as teachers are considered as a role models for our children. We should model how to deal the feelings like fear, sadness or anger in a positive way. Be patient and calm.
  • Build connections: Try to talk to the children if you notice any behavioral change in them. Be someone whom the children feel comfortable in confiding what is going through their mind.
  • Model respect for others: Emphasize respect for others. We need to model how we treat others. In case of conflicts amongst children, empathize with the aggressors as well since our behavior will model what other observing children may learn.
  • Build Trust: Try to identify the thoughts that infuriate their aggression and discuss with them. Do not reprimand them for aggression, instead go in with a perspective of empathy rather than trying to correct the wrong.
  • Be friendly: Be a friend to them and share your feelings so that they share their own. Tell them it is ok to experience what they are experiencing. Talk about your own stories when you felt vulnerable. Bring them at ease with you so that they are able to find comfort in you.
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Mother, teacher, a friend to kids, and a lifelong learner. Love to share ideas and experiences.

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Kirti Chadda

Kirti Chadda

Mother, teacher, a friend to kids, and a lifelong learner. Love to share ideas and experiences.

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